Professional Certificate in Strategic Energy Planning

Day One

09:00 Registration and Refreshments

09:45  Chair’s Introduction and Delegates Introductions

            Delegates Introductions

            Introduction to the week’s agenda

            What do we mean by ‘Sustainable Energy Planning’?

            Key aims for the course

10:15  Key Factors driving energy planning

            Who are the major actors?

            Climate change and related international agreements

            Energy security

            The cost of energy

            Access to energy

            Political priorities and realities

           Local context

11:45  Morning coffee

12:00 Geopolitics of Energy Security

           Energy as a source of political control

13:15 Lunch

14:00 Recent Developments

            Advancements in the field of renewables

            Technological and efficiency considerations


            Debate on nuclear power

            New sources of energy

15:00 Afternoon Tea
15:15 Regulatory Mechanisms in the Energy Sector

             Market mechanism vs regulation

            Reducing carbon intensity through regulation

            Accountability mechanisms

16:15  Questions and Discussion

16:30  Close




Day Two

09:30 Refreshments

09:45  Chair Welcome and Recap

10:00  Energy Poverty, Energy Access and the Climate nexus

            What is energy poverty?    

How these three factors interlink 

            Delivering access to basic modern energy for the poor

            Sustainability of energy access

11:15 Morning Coffee

11:30 Energy Poverty, Access and the Climate nexus … continued

            Climate change creating risks for energy infrastructure

            Incorporating climate change adaptation into energy plans

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Tackling Challenges to Sustainable Energy Service Delivery

            Building effective dialogue and partnerships

            Establishing monitoring and evaluation systems

            Ensuring financial sustainability

            Tackling corruption, funds management and security issues

            Stimulating innovation and creating markets

15:00 Afternoon Tea

15:15  Energy Delivery Models for Development

            Centralised vs decentralised planning and delivery

           Community-led energy initiatives

16:15  Questions and Discussion

16:35  Close




Day Three


09:30 Refreshments

09:45  Chair Welcome and Recap

10:00  Considering the transport sector in energy planning

            Transport sector lens to energy planning

            Transportation and Infrastructure

            Case Studies

11:15  Morning coffee

11:30  Transport and Infrastructure in Energy Planning

12:45  Lunch

13:30  Importance of energy efficiency in energy planning

            Technical potential for improved energy efficiency

            The economics of energy efficiency

            The unintended consequences of improved energy efficiency

14:45  Afternoon tea

15:00  Financing Sustainable Energy Planning

            Who are the key stakeholders?

            Building support from stakeholders

            How to engage in stakeholder participation

            Public-private partnerships

            Funding and financing options

16:15  Questions and Discussion

16:30  Close

Day Four

09:30 Refreshments

09:45  Chair Welcome and Recap

10:00  Technology Transfer to Developing Countries

            Methods of supporting low-carbon transitions

            Analysing role of international and national policies

11:00  Morning Coffee

11:15  Developing a Strategic Sustainable Energy Action Plan Part One

            What are the key elements to a good energy strategy?

            How to develop a strategic energy plan?

12:30  Lunch

13:15  Developing a Strategic Sustainable Energy Action Plan Part Two

            Developing a participatory approach to your action plan

           Organising multi-stakeholder actions across all relevant sectors of               the economy
           Political commitment

           Communicating the strategy

14:45  Afternoon tea

15:00 Developing a Strategic Sustainable Energy Action Plan Part Three

         What are the key opportunities and challenges for your organisation?

         Workshop: How would this work in your organisation?

16:15  Questions and Discussion

16:30  Close



Day Five


09:30 Refreshments

09:45  Chair Welcome and Recap

10:00  Monitoring and Evaluation

            Setting ambitious, yet realistic, targets

            Implementation and reporting

            Regular monitoring using relevant indicators

            Evaluation mechanisms

            Adopting corrective measures if necessary

11:15  Morning Coffee

11:30  Chartered Management Institute Criteria

           Structuring a written piece of work for assessment

          Generic overview and principles

          Structuring these two specific pieces of work to demonstrate all the            assessment criteria

          Blending energy planning content into these structures

12:30  Final Questions and Discussion

            Discussion over lessons learnt and how to apply these

            Evaluation forms and group photograph

13:00  Lunch and Course Close